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I have 2 pieces included in the 'Breathe' exhibition at the Heseltine Gallery, Truro School. This show is open weekends only from 10-4 and runs until Sun Nov 14th. For details visit


A little about my creative journey

Originally a Fine Art graduate & art teacher, I continued to work intermittently as a figurative painter, but it was only many years later when I stumbled into the world of abstract art, that I found a strong sense of personal direction and began to produce a steady flow of work.


In 2009, by chance, I began painting gouache studies of patterns from pebbles. This interest turned unexpectedly into an abstract adventure and I became hooked on the freedom of it. Over several years the pictures became bolder - more freely interpreted; I returned to oils - my original medium - and began exploring non-figurative approaches more widely, using observation of pebbles as a starting point.

In 2019 I completed a wonderful year of p/t study at the Newlyn School of Art, which inspired me to diversify my subjects, methods and materials, and to learn more about abstract art. 2 new interests also sprung from my sessions in Newlyn - printmaking and - surprisingly - portraits (the latter relating to a long standing love of life drawing). Since then I have continued to explore these new interests alongside of new opportunities for exhibiting and sharing my work - see 'Contact' page for details. 


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